Ethnologic Institute of the Academy of Scienes Brno
The Ethnologic Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is concerned with the study of folk culture and everyday life of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic, seen against the background of past and present Europe.

Prime interests are folk music and language, customs and traditions, inter-ethnic relations, associations, the history of ethnography and the study of collective and historical memory. Further activities are devoted to field research and to the acquisition, processing and dissemination of scientific information in the field of ethnology, to the publication of anthologies, books and papers, to the popularisation of ethnology, to the organisation of conferences and consultancy.

Organisation structure
The Brno branch office is an integral part of the Ethnologic Institute of the Academy of Sciences located at Praha 1, Na Florenci 3.

Research projects
Cultural identity and cultural regionalism in the evolution of the ethnic image of Europe are major topics. The focus is on the comprehension of Czech society and its culture, as compared to other European and non-European nations. The study of local, regional, national and minority cultures is to contribute to the formation of an image of a multinational Europe, which is unique and special. Cultural stereotypes and significant features shared by different nations are investigated. Further projects are concerned, for instance, with the folkloristic oeuvre of Leoš Janáček, with the cultural and social change of the city of Brno and ethno-cultural traditions of our time.

International cooperation
The staff of the branch office cooperate with colleagues in related institutions in Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovenia and other Slav countries. There are consultations. exchanges of research results and literature, participations in international scientific projects and the joint organisation of seminars and other events.

Cooperation with universites

Teaching at the Masaryk-University and other institutions of higher education, further education of academic staff, consultations, supervision and assessment of diploma theses, membership in scientific, technical and editorial councils and commissions. Cooperation with the National Institute for European Ethnology (NÚLK) in Strá┼żnice.

Public services
The archives of the branch comprise manuscripts as well as musical, audiovisual and graphic documents. The collection of songs contains about  80.000 units, being one of the largest in our territory. It is widely used, above all by students and folklore groups. The reference library, open to visitors with a scientific interest, houses 15.000 volumes.

Head of the branch:

Dr.phil. Jana Pospíšilová
Phone: (0042 0) 532 290 265


Helena Svobodová
Phone: (0042 0) 532 290 266
Fax: (0042 0) 532 290 297

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