Cultural Club of Czechs and Slovaks in Austria

The Cultural Club is a non-profit association, serving as a platform for information exchange in the fields of culture, science, sports and society.

The Cultural Club was founded in 1974. One of the founders was the journallist Přemysl Janýr, an assistant of the Austrian Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. He was the initiator and promoter of the Czech Advisory Council finally installed at the Federal Chancellor's Office. During the era of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia one of the objectives of the Club was the support of Czech and Slovak artists, making them known to the Austrian public.

Among the activities of the Cultural Club are regular events such as cultural soirées, the invitation of theatre groups of the Czech and the Slovak Republics, cooperations with Austrian theatres, literary lectures, concerts of Czech, Slovak and Austrian musicians, and screenings of Czech and Slovak films (with subtitles). Discussions and lectures are also arranged, inviting artists, scientists, historians and politicians.

The Cultural Club publishes the magazine KLUB, which appears in 11 issues per annum, of 1200 copies each, thus being one of the leading Czech and Slovak print media in Austria. It contains a wide range of contributions from Czech and Slovak Vienna, discussing topics of culture, economy, sports etc. The magazine also offers an overview of current events in the Czech and Slovak Republics; the programmes of the Czech and Slovak minorities are presented in the form of a calendar.

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