Workshop related to the exhibition "Border Tales" of the Research Centre for the History of Minorities.

The Workshop, focussing on the topic "Border", is to evolve interactive and playful approaches to questions derived from different scientific disciplines such as history, geography, political science and migration research. Students participating in the workshop devote several hours to reflecting about visible and invisible barriers (keywords: "barriers of the mind" and "Fortress Europe"), their effects on daily routines and (im)possibilities to overcome them.

Transnational perspectives are revealed which have for some time left their imprint on the everyday lives of young people, without having been openly addressed, for instance, at school. The students discuss the issue of "borders / barriers" and its impact on daily life, in history, at the Fall of the Iron Curtain, within the migration society, within European border regimes and supranational border policies. They analyse and question the presentation of the topic at the exhibition and develop their own perspectives.

Concept and organisation: Büro trafoK