Exhibition | Diversity - Living in Margareten

8 May 2013 to 31 January 2014

Research Centre for the History of Minorities
(FZHM, Forschungszentrum für historische Minderheiten)

1050 Vienna, Kohlgasse 27-29

Margareten. 5th district of Vienna, is traditionally a neighbourhood with a high share of working-class inhabitants from different regions of origin. At the times of the Habsburg Monarchy, immigrants came above all from Bohemia and Moravia, attracted by the economically booming imperial capital. They have had their share in making Vienna grow into a metropolis often referred to as a »melting pot« of many nations, cultures and religions. This image, however, is based on a nostalgic view of the past, shutting out social and political conflicts. Several Czech facilities established in the district bear witness to the largest group of immigrants in the 19th century. Today the many-faceted, lively urban image of Margareten is coined by the variegated background of its residents. 

7 May 2013 | 18.00 hrs | FZHM

Harald Troch
, Local Councillor
Regina Wonisch, FZHM
Andrea Hallal-Wögerer
, Deputy Borough Mayor

Live performance | Rapper Chikstar und Überblick

Students of the Haydn-Gymnasium have interviewed inhabitants of the district. The video clip »Ich seh ich seh was du nicht siehst« was made by Brigitta Bödenauer und Eva Hausberger in co-operation with young people frequenting the 5er Haus youth centre. The photographer Gero Fischer has roamed Margareten focusing on conventional subjects seen in a new context of artistic experience. In a contrasting juxtaposition of different approaches the exhibition is to become a locus of inquiry where changes can take place by intervention.

Accompanying Programme on Sunday, 26 May 2013,  13 hrs 
at Filmcasino (Margaretenstraße 78): screening of the film 

GURBET. In der Fremde von Kenan Kilic (2009)

to be followed by PANEL DISCUSSION:

Die Integrationslüge. Positionen und Gegenstrategien
(The lie of integration. Positions and counter strategies)

wiht Clara Akinyosoye, Kenan Güngör, Silvia Jankovic, Kenan Kilic and Martina Sinowatz

Moderation: Olivera Stajic


Animated cartoon by Jen-Shur GurPeremena, 2008
[Peremena is Russion for radical change]


Exhibition Curator: Regina Wonisch
Exhibition Design: Gerhard Spring / Peter Karlhuber 



Why does someone have to integrate, when he or she was born here, when his or her mother was born here?

What after all is a typical Viennese?

I am a Kurd, I am a Turk and an Austrian – these three identities are very much blended within myself.

Photos: Gero Fischer