Margareten - A Place to Live for Immigrants
Margareten, the fifth district of Vienna, has always had a high percentage of immigrants among its population, even at the time of the Habsburg Monarchy. Then it was above all workers from Bohemia and Moravia who settled in this area. Today, there are still Czech restaurants or assembly rooms of associations that bear witness to this heritage derived from the neighbours to the north of Austria, but it is mainly immigrants from other countries that have left their imprint on the district. 

Under the forMuse-Project new perspectives are to be developed for the Margareten district museum to make it serve also as a venue for critical examination of the immigrants way of living. The focus will be on the current local situation: who are the people living here, how do they organise their lives, what is the relationship between population groups resident for some time vis-à-vis those newly arrived, what are the contacts they have established with each other and what is the image they have drawn up for themselves of the "others", respectively?

The historical aspect of immigration into Margareten will also be addressed. The Habsburg Monarchy was a multinational state. Thus a large percentage of the Viennese population has Slavic roots. By Germanising the immigrants names these traces, however, have become blurred or are no longer recognised as foreign due to the frequency with which they occur. How did people then live together? May we learn anything for today from the different conditions prevalent at that period?

Representatives of diverse institutions or associations and experts are invited to organise and attend workshops for joint reflection of how to present the immigration topic at the Margareten district museum in such a way as to interest a large and diversified public. The question is how to make as many people as possible take part in the argument - e.g. by interviews - and how to attract a wider audience - e.g. by exhibitions and other events.

The Project was initiated by:
Bezirksmuseum Margareten, Verein "eXponat. Forum für Museologie und visuelle Kultur", Interkulturelles Zentrum, Institut für Wissenschafts- kommunikation und Hochschulforschung of the Alpen-Adria University.

FZHM is a cooperating partner.

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