Ludwig Kolin
(* 1924 Vienna,  + 2010 Vienna)
Graduate of the Czech elementary school and high-school (Realgymnasium) in Vienna. From 1938 to 1945 he took part in the resistance movement of the Viennese Czechs (Arbeiter-Turnverein DTJ). In January 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo. 1945-1952 professional musician, 1952-1958 officer at the Ministry for Social Affairs. 1962-1978 Social Democratic district councillor for the 16th district of Vienna. 1945-1977 member and functionary of many Czech associations in Vienna, e.g. Chairman of the "Czech Heart", Vice-Chairman of the Minority Council, Vice-Chairman of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party in Austria, functionary of the DTJ, the theatre group Máj-Barák, the Adria Tamburizza society. 1994-2003 member of the Advisory Council for the Czech Ethnic Group (Volksgruppenbeirat für die tschechische Volksgruppe) at the Austrian Federal Chancellor's Office. 1983-1993 Board member of the exiled Czechoslovak Social Democrats. Chairman of the Ottakring District Section of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party, Chairman of the Ottakring District Section of the "Czech Heart", Chairman of Bibliotheksverein Jirásek, Secretary of Nová Vlast, the Ethnic Groups Council (Volksgruppenrat) of the Czechs and Slovaks living in Austria. From October 1967 to April 1968 internment at the Brno-Bohunice prison (Czechoslovakia) for helping Czechoslovak citizens escape from the country and supporting escapees in Vienna. Sentenced to permanent expulsion from Czechoslovakia according to § 109, rehabilitation in 1991.

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